Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (2024)

Weapons are the core of Terraria, and selecting each weapon significantly changes the playstyle. That is why we have curated the best weapons in the Terraria guide so that players can muster the knowledge of how they want to shape up their gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Terraria being a survival game comes with 4 types of weapons.
  • The four different types of weapons that players are given are Ranged, Melee, Magic, and Summonable weapons.
  • In total players can choose from a list of 400+ weapons.

Here’s a complete comparison of every weapon included in our rankings below:

Weapon NameDamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeRaritySell Price
Terrarian19014%6.525 (Fast)Red10
Razorblade Typhoon90-540 (Slow)Yellow5
Nebula Blaze1304%012Red10
Deadly Sphere Staff50-236 (Slow)Yellow10

Best Melee Weapons

Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (1)

Melee weapons are used for engaging in close to medium-range combats. One of the significant advantages of using these types of weapons is that they do not consume any ammunition, Mana, or other consumables of sorts.

Melee weapons deal a lot of damage, but the trade-off is that you need to get close and personal with the enemies, which also puts your character at risk while using them.

There are 184 unique melee weapons in Terraria and we have listed here the most efficient hard-mode melee weapons that offer the highest damage and stats here below.


DamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price
19014%6.525Dropped by Moon lordRed10

Terrarian is one of the best weaponsplayers can have. It is a post-Moon Lord yo-yo hard mode melee weapon type in the game. Terrarian throws circular light green projectiles to enemies within its range at a rapid rate, dealing significant damage when the enemies are in close range.

It has a drop rate of about 11.11 percent from the MoonLord. This weapon is the deadliest of all yoyo melee weapons in the game that offers the highest damage output.


DamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeVelocitySellResearch RequiredRarity

You will get zenith after you have successfully defeated the Moon Lord. You can get the weapon in the hard mode and it will be crafted by using a variety of swords.

The component source of the zenith weapon will fly toward the enemy if they are within a 20-mile radius. They have the ability to pass through solid blocks. Furthermore, with each attack, you will be able to throw three swords per use. You can also use auto swing with zenith. The best modifier for the zenith sword is legendary.

Best Magic Weapons

Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (2)

Magic weapons can be utilized in medium to long-range engagements. They leave a devastating attack by channeling and consuming the character’s mana. The players can significantly increase a character’s mana by using accessories in inventory, or you can always let it regenerate automatically with time.

While using magic weapons, the reliance on mana and lower defense armor can make you vulnerable, so it is essential to know which magic weapon will work out the best from the large selection of 76 unique magic weapons.

Razorblade Typhoon

DamageMana consumptionKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price
9016540Duke FishronYellow5

Razorblade Typhoon is one of the best hardmode weaponsunder the magic category. This weapon fires out huge disc-shaped projectiles every time you unleash it on the enemies. Each homing disc lasts for two seconds and deals significant damage to enemies from close to medium range.

The yellow rarity of Razorblade Typhoon weapon has a drop rate of 20 percent from Duke Fishron. The players can encounter Duke Fishron as an optional boss who can be fought after the start of hardmode. Fighting this boss is worth it as you have a 1/5 chance of getting this mighty weapon from him; the chances are not great, not terrible.

Nebula Blaze

DamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeMana consumptionRaritySell Price

Nebula Blaze is a top-tier mage weapon and arguably also one of the best weapons. This hardmode, post-Lunatic Cultist magic weapon fires high-velocity projectiles in pink and blue color variants. Both of them track nearby enemies, however, the blue color projectile deals three times more damage than the pink one.

The accuracy of the Nebula Blaze mage weapon is not that high, but it deals tremendous damage upon impact. So, the shortcomings of accuracy are filled out by the massive damage this weapon does to foes.

The pink glow on the player’s hand leaves a trail of pink particles with the movement. This mage weapon also does not deal any knockback and has a drop rate of 20 percent.

Best Ranged Weapons

Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (3)

The greatest advantage ranged weapons offers is that they can fire projectiles from a distance and keep the character safe and away from the enemies. This sort of weapon type is extremely useful and suitable for long-ranged combat engagements only, and they will have a greater disadvantage if they are used from a close range.

The ranged weapons consume ammunition whenever they are fired. This weapon type has slightly less damage output as compared to the melee and others. However, they have an edge as they can be used on enemies from a safer distance.

Guns, bows, and rocket launchers fall under this weapon category. These deadly weapons come in 114 unique variations in the game. That is why we have entailed the top three hard mode ranged weapons players should have in their inventory.


DamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price
8514%2.56Dropped by Moon lordRed15

Space Dolphin Machine Gun (S.D.M.G) is one of the best weapons under the ranged weapon category. This deadly ranged weapon rips apart enemies through its ranged damage and devastates the target. Space Dolphin Machine Gun (S.D.M.G) uses bullets as an ammunition source and offers the highest DPS and a decent accuracy as compared to the other ranged weapons in the category.

This hard mode ranged weapon comes with an 11.11 percent drop chance from Moonlord. Most of the abilities of Space Dolphin Machine Gun (S.D.M.G) are very similar to Chain Gun as well.


DamageCritical ChanceKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price

Phantasm is an overwhelming post-Lunatic Cultist craftable bow that arguably is one of the best hardmode weapons under the ranged weapon category. This ranged weapon fires four deadly arrows in one go, which gives it the second-best DPS in the ranged weapon type.

It has a high rate of fire and is most effective against a single target. One exceptional feature of Phantasm is that it comes with a 66 percent chance to not consume ammo after being fired at an enemy.

Moreover, if players keep firing this ranged weapon in quick succession, the overall fire rate increases significantly. It also roughly means that Phantasm does not benefit much from the speed modifiers.

Best Summon Weapons

Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (4)

The summon weapon category is unique to the other three weapon types as mentioned above. These weapons summons secondary characters that assist the players in fights by attacking the enemies within their range. This category is quite unique and beneficial for the player as the summoned unit cannot be hurt or killed.

Players can find plenty of Summon weapons, such as whips and summon staffs. Overall, there are 47 unique summon weapons, including nine whips.


DamageMana ConsumptionKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price
9010434Empress of LightPink20

Terraprisma is one of the best hard mode weaponsunder summon weapon category. This post-planter summon weapon looks like a sword and creates a copy of itself that aims toward the enemy and deals damage.

This is a short-range weapon but deals significant damage to enemies. Terraprisma has a 100% weapon drop chance by defeating the Empress of Light with the condition that all damage dealt was during the in-game daytime.

Deadly Sphere Staff

DamageMana ConsumptionKnockbackUse timeWeapon AcquisitionRaritySell Price
5010236Deadly SphereYellow10

Deadly Sphere Staff is another excellent Post-plantera summoning weapon that spawns an invincible sphere minion which targets enemies in its range. The best part of this minion is that it remains with the player’s character as long as they remain alive. Due to its exceptional features, this weapon is quite rare, with a drop rate of two to four percent from Deadly Sphere during a Solar Escape.

Community Poll

Now that you know our preference (and we know yours!) across four different weapon categories, you must have a few questions regarding the best weapons in the game. We have entailed top-searched FAQs regarding weapons. We have listed one weapon in each category that we think is the best you can get.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best weapons in Terraria. Which weapon category has been your go-to one in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Best Weapons in Terraria: Melee, Magic, Ranged (2024)
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