How to Dress a Pear Shape Body Type (2024)

Our How to Dress Your Body Type is a series designed to help break down the basic guidelines for dressing all body types.

Today, we continue continue our discussion with How to Dress a Pear Shape Body.

Pear shapes are also called triangles.

Pear Body Shape Formula

Pear shape and Triangle are interchangeable.

Pear shapes are easy to determine since your hips are wider than your shoulders, and your shoulder may be on the narrow side.

Formula:hips ÷ shoulders or bust ≥ 1.05

If the number is ≥ 1.05, then your hips are 5% bigger than your shoulders, then you are considered a pear or triangle shape.specific area.

How to Dress The Pear Shape

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It’s Important to Note: Bone structure tends to dictate body type rather than weight and height. Of course, we need to consider all these factors when we get dressed, so these guidelines are just that, guidelines./

In our conversations here, I hope that we start to change this narrative that one body shape is somehow superior. Women’s bodies are a marvel, and we should celebrate them in every shape and size. And no matter our shape and size we all have features to celebrate and ones we’re not so crazy about.

Think of it like this:

Body Typeis your bone structure.

Fit/Sizeis your proportion; you may be “regular,” petite, tall, or plus.

Weight fluctuates for most of us, so it’s very possible to straddle between two body types if you tend to gain weight in one

There are a few things to remember about the pear body type.

Since your hips are wider than your shoulders, and your shoulders may be narrow, our focus is creating a strong shoulder line to bring balance to you shape.

Below, I rounded-up four images of famous women with a pear body types to give you a visual.

I included different heights and sizes to show the diversity in the category.

Famous Pear Shape Body Types

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Let’s start with Alicia Keys, who is 5’6.

Her look provides some great lessons for dressing. Here she is wearing a strong, structured shoulder, creating a stunning silhouette. T

he placement of her jacket buttons pulls the eye into her waist, and I love that her straight skirt hits at the top of her knee.

Next, 90s It Girl, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is petite and curvy.

This wrap dress is a fantastic example of details that create balance. The flutter sleeve of the dress brings the focus to the upper half of her body while balancing her hips.

The v-neck, the wrap style, the ruffle on the bias all give her a lovely, feminine shape.

Also, note that the pattern of her dress gives visual interest that almost moves with her body.

Next, Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, in a pair of figure-flattering pants.

The only pants a pear shape should avoid are super skinnies.

Instead, you can wear a slim-straight, straight, boot or flare cut easily.

She brings balance and focus to her top half with a trendy puff sleeve. She’s also wearing an elongating heel that gives the line of her body an elegant finish.

Finally, Catherine Zeta-Jones is so incredibly stunning.

Now, I know we’re not wearing red-carpet gowns to the grocery store, but this is a fabulous example of balance. Take a look at how beautifully the shape of her shoulder complements her curvy hips.

The v-neck and pulled in waist is another way to highlight your curves.

Best Tips for Dressing Pear Body Types

The Pear shape has one general guideline: create a strong shoulder and a neckline that pulls the eye up, to help balance your hips.

What should you avoid?

If you like pattern, avoid wearing it exclusively on your bottom half.

Any kind of top that drops your shoulders and makes them appear narrow should be avoided.

Skip tight bottoms, oversized tops and long jackets and chunky flat shoes.

Best Tops for Pear Body Types

Off the shoulder, boatnecks, cowlnecks, and a v-neck when accompanied by a structure shoulder detail all help broaden your top half.

For jackets, you can wear something slightly cropped or hits at your natural waist, a motto will look fantastic, so would a wrap style.

Try bold color and, texture and fun patterns,

Best Bottoms for Pear Body Types

Focus on straight, wide or boot leg bottoms.

Avoid super skinny bottoms that cling to your calfs and ankles.

Best Dresses for Pear Body Types

A wrap, fit-and-flare, and an a-line with a complementary top similar to the ones mention above are all perfect options.

Remember, these are guidelines. I can’t reinforce this enough. Everyones body type is unique.

Sometimes you’ll put on a piece that breaks all the “rules” and it looks fantastic!

Use these recommendations as starting point in dressing well, knowing that you’ll have to make adjustments for your unique needs.

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How to Dress a Pear Shape Body Type (2024)
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