Maytag Washer Error Codes Explained (2024)

Error codes are designed to alert you when there is an issue with your Maytag washer; however, it’s not always immediately clear what they mean.

Whether you have a front or top load model, this guide will help you understand what the error code is trying to tell you, and will offer tips on how to resolve it.

Maytag washer error codes (front load)

Here are the error codes you’re most likely to encounter on your front load Maytag washer.


This error means the cycle was interrupted. Perhaps it was paused or canceled and never resumed, or there was a power outage. The washer will drain for around 30 minutes, and then the error code will clear. If it does not clear after draining, unplug the washer for one minute.


This code indicates that the Control Lock is active, meaning the control panel is locked. Press and hold the “Control Lock” button to deactivate this safety feature.


This error means the detergent cartridge is not in the dispenser. It only applies to select models that have a dispenser cartridge. To resolve this, insert the cartridge and shut the dispenser drawer.

Sud or Sd

This code means there are excessive suds in the machine. The washer will automatically run an extended rinse cycle to wash out excess suds. To prevent this error from occurring again, make sure you use high efficiency detergent in the correct quantity. If the error keeps occurring, check the drain hose for clogs or kinks.

rL or F34

This error means there are items in the washer during a “Clean Washer” cycle. The Clean Washer cycle will only run when the machine is empty. Remove the items and restart the cycle to clear the error.

F8 E1 or LO FL

This code indicates a low water flow. To resolve this, check that your home water supply is on, the cold and hot water valves are fully open, and the inlet hoses are properly connected to your washer and are not kinked, pinched, or clogged.

F5 E2

This error means the door is failing to lock. Check to make sure no items are caught in the door and that nothing else is preventing it from locking.

F9 E1

This error means the washer is taking longer to drain than usual. Make sure the drain hose isn’t blocked or pinched, and that it is installed correctly using a U-shaped form. The drainpipe height should also fall within the requirements of between 39 and 96 inches.

F8 E2

This code only applies to certain models. It means there’s an issue with the dispenser system. To resolve this, check to see if any detergent is clogged in the detergent cartridge or door.

F7 E1

This error means the motor is failing to reach the right speed for a cycle. Potential causes include shipping bolts that haven’t been removed or an overloaded washer.

Maytag washer error codes (top load)

The most common error codes for top load Maytag washers include:


This indicates that the lid is failing to lock. Ensure that no items or clothes are obstructing the lid, and that the lock isn’t clogged with detergent.


This error means the cycle was disrupted by a power outage. Press and hold START or POWER buttons to clear the error.


This code means the inlet hoses have been installed in reverse. To resolve this, make sure the hot water hose is connected to the washer’s hot water inlet and the cold water hose is connected to the cold water inlet.

F8 E1, LF, or Lo FL

This error means the washer is taking longer than usual to fill with water. Make sure that the hot and cold water hoses are connected and not kinked, the hot and cold faucets are fully open, and that the household water supply is turned on.


This indicates that the washer is not draining correctly. Check that the drain hose and drainpipe are installed properly, meeting all the requirements for your model. Also, check the drain hose for any clogs or kinks.


This means there are too many suds in the washer. To prevent this from occurring again, use high efficiency detergent, and don’t use more than you need.


This error means the lid is failing to unlock. The most likely cause is an item sitting on the lid, such as a laundry basket. Remove it to resolve the error.


This error means the load is unbalanced. The washer will attempt to correct itself automatically. If it fails, redistribute the load evenly in the basket manually. Don’t wash single items; add a few more items to balance the load. Finally, ensure you’re using an appropriate cycle setting for the type of clothes you’re washing—refer to your user manual for more information.


This error means the lid was left open. You can clear the error by closing the lid. If the lid is left open for over 10 minutes, the cycle will automatically end and the washer will start draining the water.


This code indicates that the load is too big. Reduce the size of the load by removing some items to clear the error.

Other eError codes

The error codes we’ve listed above are not a complete list, but they do explain the most common ones that you can resolve by yourself. Some error codes will indicate a more severe problem, that may require you to get your washer services by a professional.

For top load washers, look out for error codes that start with F or E and are followed by one or two numbers (F# E# or F##). Many of these indicate a system error. You can try to clear them yourself by pressing START/PAUSE. But if the code persists, you will need a professional to service your appliance.

For front load Maytag washers, look out for error codes starting with F or E followed by one number (F# E#). You can try unplugging the washer for one minute to clear them, but if the code persists, you will likely need to arrange for your machine to be serviced by a professional.


Maytag Washer Error Codes Explained (2024)
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