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Camden, New Jersey is a great place to find a variety of local businesses. Whether you're looking for a pawn shop, second-hand shop, pawnbroker, hock shop, thrift store, loan store, pawn shop, or buy-and-sell store, there are plenty of options in the area. You can find everything from vintage furniture and clothing to collectibles and electronics. Each shop will have its own unique selection of items and offers, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs. With friendly staff and great deals, these shops are a great way to save money or make some money.

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Fh Gold Buyers717 Sansom StPhiladelphia, PA 19106+1 (215) 361-0708About|Fh Gold Buyers is a reputable establishment in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in purchasing gold items from customers. With a focus on providing fair prices and excellent customer service, Fh Gold Buyers offers a convenient and reliable way for individuals to sell their gold jewelry, coins, and other items. Generated from their business informationSociety Hill Loan22 reviews“What is happening to you guys no loans? Stock is limited asking very high prices for merchandise. You were my go to place before anyone else. WHAT'S GOING ON?Cash Express - Pawn Shop3 reviews“It's says open 24/7. Last time I checked, that means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why then was the shop closed @ 9:15 PM?! No sign or updated information whatsoever. RIDICULOUS.About|Cash Express is your number one pawnbroker, payday loan, checks cashing, title loan, and signature loan company located in Philadelphia. Come in and see us today. We guarantee that when you walk into our stores, you will see a friendly smile waiting to assist you.Pawn Shop Philadelphia7 reviews“We had some inherited items to sell and decided to sell them to Pawn Shop Philadelphia. Austin, the proprietor, carefully looked through the items and determined which ones had value, and offered...About|We pawn, buy, sell, and trade all types of valuable items. Some items we are interested in are: -luxury watches -jewelry, gold, diamonds -coins -instruments ...


Simpson's Jewelers1 reviews“Wonderful people. Honest. Brutally honest, actually. But not mean. They just . . . do business. I had a very good experience with them when I needed some fast cash for my jewelry (pawn). I...About|Simpson's is a family owned business Establised in 1895. We specialize in Buying Jewelry, Buying Diamonds, Buying gold, Pawnbroking, Making loans on jewelry, Selling Jewelry, Selling Gold, Selling Diamonds, Buying Watches, Selling Watches, Loans on Jewelry, Buying Esate Jewelry, Selling Estat...Forman's Money Loans Pawn Shop4 reviews“I LOVE MY INDIGLO TIMEX WATCH. I'm not sure how old it is, maybe 20 years old? But I love that thing and wear it daily.I realized it was time to replace the battery (last time was maybe 4 years...About|History Same Family for 4 Generations We are Formans and the oldest same family run Pawnshop in AMERICA Specialties Cash buyers for Rolex watches , vintage watches, collectibles, jewelry,gold,diamonds digital slr cameras gift cards, Apple iPhone iPad MacBook Air and antiques.Advanced Pawn Shop2301 Jasper StPhiladelphia, PA 19125+1 (215) 426-5626About|Advanced Pawn Shop buys and sells a variety of products at our Philadelphia, PA pawn shop. We focus on building relationships with both our buyers and our sellers. We guarantee your satisfaction when you work with us. Advanced Pawn Shop buys a variety of products in exchange for fast cash and loans.Front Street Sales Outlet2746 N Front StPhiladelphia, PA 19133+1 (215) 423-9665About|Front Street Sales Outlet is a trusted pawn shop in Philadelphia, serving local residents for over 40 years. Licensed and bonded by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking, they offer reliable and experienced professionals for buying, selling, or obtaining loans. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Front Street Sales Outlet is known for providing top-notch service and ensuring customers get the most value for their money. With a strong reputation in South Philly, Kensington, North Philadelphia, and Southwest Philadelphia, they are a go-to destination for all pawnshop needs. Generated from the website


Pawn Shop-Watches Etc3140 Kensington AvePhiladelphia, PA 19134+1 (215) 739-7296About|Pawn Shop-Watches Etc is a reputable establishment located in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in buying and selling gold, as well as a wide range of other items. With a convenient location on Kensington Ave, they offer a diverse selection of watches and provide excellent customer service. As a trusted pawn shop in Philadelphia, Pawn Shop-Watches Etc is known for their fair prices and knowledgeable staff. Whether you are looking to sell your gold or purchase a quality watch, this establishment is the go-to destination for those seeking reliable transactions and a wide variety of options. Generated from the websitePhiladelphia Pawn Shop Outlet1 reviews“This place sucks !!! Dont take gold there for a loan. I did and the lady tested my chain 4 times and damn near wore a hole thru one of the links. If you cant test gold with out ruining it maybe...About| Money Loan4701 Frankford AvePhiladelphia, PA 19124+1 (215) 744-8920About|Woodland Money Loan has served Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas for more than 22 years. Our pawnshop makes cash loans on anything of value, paying top prices for fine jewelry. The next time you need cash in an emergency, turn to us.


Cash For Gold1 reviews“this bussiness is closed don't waste time to drive when ask to guy around they said its been closed 6 year ago .so some one needs to remove their listing .About|Buyers of gold, silver, coins, diamonds, engagement rings, platinum and much more.Joe The Jeweler Cash For Gold115 S Black Horse PikeBellmawr, NJ 08031+1 (609) 353-6880About|Specialties Our business specializes in paying cash for gold, silver, coins, diamonds, rolexes, etc. We pay the highest prices in the area.Cherry Hill Treasure Exchange2 reviews“So I finally got rid of my ill fated wedding band, and did so here. I hit a few jewelers before coming here, and all the offers were around the same price. However at the jewelers I had to deal...About|The Cherry Hill Treasure Exchange provides gold, silver, coin, and jewelry buying and selling services in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding areas.Golden Jewelers141 Route 130 SCinnaminson, NJ 08077+1 (856) 786-8660About|Family owned and operated. We purchase gold, silver, coins, diamonds, platinum, engagement rings, Sterling silverware, watches, and more.Olney Pawnbrokers Inc5708 N Broad StPhiladelphia, PA 19141+1 (215) 224-2792About|Olney Pawnbrokers Inc is Philadelphia's premier pawn shop, offering a wide range of valuable items including jewelry, musical instruments, electronics, and more. With over 50 years of experience, they provide cash loans and also purchase items outright, serving the Olney community and surrounding areas. Conveniently located near the Fern Rock Transportation Center and the Olney Transportation Center, Olney Pawnbrokers Inc has been the longest-standing business in Olney since 1968. Their extensive inventory and free layaway option make them a trusted destination for those in need of quick cash or looking to buy quality items at affordable prices. Generated from the website


City Avenue Pawnshop Outlet5006 City AvePhiladelphia, PA 19131+1 (215) 477-6600About|History Serving the community proudly since 1996. Specialties Your Local Pawn Brokers! A locally owner an operated pawnshop, providing the best prices in town!Darby Pawn Shop2 reviews“I've never written a review before. But it is very rare that you come across a establishment that is this impressive! Kudos to Darby pawn shop!!!! I believe the boss is a musician, wow. The number...


Cheltenham Gold1904 W Cheltenham AvePhiladelphia, PA 19138+1 (267) 331-8838About|Cheltenham Gold.Philly is a reputable jewelry buyer located in Philadelphia, PA, offering exceptional service and fair prices for gold and other precious metals. With a team of knowledgeable professionals, they provide a seamless experience for selling broken or unwanted gold, exceeding customers' expectations. Conveniently situated on West Cheltenham Avenue, Cheltenham Gold.Philly is known for its reliable and efficient service, ensuring customers receive top value for their gold items. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal clientele, making them a trusted destination for those looking to sell their gold in Philadelphia. Generated from the websiteWe Buy Everything Pawn Shop - Somerdale6 reviews“This store is an underrated gem. They have a wide assortment of items, ranging from gardening tools, workout equipment, electronics, stereos, to fine jewelry. The manager John is a really fair and...About|We Buy Everything Pawn Shop - Somerdale is a local pawn shop in Somerdale, NJ that offers a variety of items for sale and provides pawn services to customers. With a focus on buying and selling a wide range of goods, this pawn shop serves as a convenient option for those looking to trade or purchase second-hand items. Generated from their business information


we buy everything philadelphia llc4 reviews“They have a variety of inventory and are very easy to deal with with reasonable prices. This is my go to place for my DYI products.About|History Over 30 years of experience in the pawn industry. Our skilled associates are here to get you the most for you goods.South Jersey Pawn Shop1355 Blackwood Clementon RdClementon, NJ 08021+1 (856) 344-2013About|South Jersey Pawn Shop is a reputable pawn shop located in Clementon, NJ. They offer a range of services, including pawn loans and buying and selling of various items. With a convenient location in Camden County, South Jersey Pawn Shop is a trusted destination for those looking for quick cash or unique finds. As a well-established business in the pawn industry, South Jersey Pawn Shop strives to provide excellent customer service and fair deals. Whether you're in need of a short-term loan or interested in browsing their selection of merchandise, South Jersey Pawn Shop is a reliable option for residents and visitors alike. Generated from the websiteWe Buy Your Stuff1505 Macdade BlvdFolsom, PA 19033+1 (484) 222-0716About|We Buy Your Stuff in Folsom, PA is a reputable establishment that specializes in buying, selling, and trading a wide range of electronic devices, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and gaming computers. They also purchase collectibles such as vintage toys, sports memorabilia, and signed items from famous historical figures. With a focus on quality and authenticity, We Buy Your Stuff ensures that all devices come with a warranty and conducts thorough checks to prevent the purchase of stolen items. Customers can trade in their old devices for newer models or simply sell their items for cash, making it a convenient option for those looking to upgrade or declutter. Generated from the websiteGold Rush437 E MacDade BlvdRidley Twp, PA 19033+1 (484) 540-7916


The Jeweler Shop of Bensalem2842 Street RdBensalem, PA 19020+1 (215) 447-8980About|Are you looking for a local pawn shop around Bensalem, Pennsylvania that you can depend on to give you the best prices for your old jewelry? Do you live around Parkland, and want a place to go to that will give you cash for gold?...Raphael Fine Jewelry and Pawn2 reviews“I tried this little gem to price my anniversary gift. It turns out, the owner is a master benchman, and created the ring I drew for him!The pricing was far far less than other local stores and...About|However hard the times are, we all still strive to save for the rainy day. The very resourceful among us even manage to accumulate a tidy nest egg. But life does have the habit of springing nasty surprises on us and sometimes we are caught off guard and find ourselves ill-prepared to fulfill the financial demands with our savings. It is at these times, we, at Raphael Pawnbrokers come to your aid.We Buy Everything Pawn Shop - Glassboro9 reviews“I have purchased a couple of times from them. Mostly silver coins and bars. I had a problem with one purchase. I returned to store and they stood behind the sale and made it right for me. I found...About|We Buy Everything Pawn Shop - Glassboro is a local establishment in Glassboro, NJ that offers pawn services for a variety of items. Customers can bring in their belongings to receive cash loans or sell them outright. With a focus on providing a convenient and reliable option for those in need of quick cash, We Buy Everything Pawn Shop - Glassboro serves as a trusted resource for the community. Generated from their business informationOne Stop Pawn Shop4 reviews“Nothing special here. I brought them a solid lot of electronics, asked about 40% of market value each, then offered the lot at 35% of total MV and he offered me $50 for something that was $380...About|One Stop Pawn Shop buys, pawns and sells almost anything. Bring your valuable to One Stop, it will be appraised on the spot and you'll be given an offer. Items currently featured include cell phones, DVDs, electronics, guitars, tools and jewelry. During tax season One Stop also offers the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service .


Aston Pawn Shop2 reviews“The guys are fair with pricing for the stuff you sell. And have helped me sell most things that I've needed a pretty penny for. I have no complaints.About|Aston Pawn Shop is proud to be your trusted pawn broker! Please come and see our massive selection! We Pay the Highest PricesQuick Cash Trading Post1 reviews“This seems like a higher-end establishment a few years ago I was looking for a very cheap electric guitar it was going to be put in the display case so it didn't need to be functional just...About|At Quick Cash Trading Post we pay cash for gift cards, store credit, electronics and jewelry you no longer want. Highest prices paid for gold, apple products, laptops.
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